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Don't allow the current circumstances with COVID-19 restrict your access to occupational health service. Occupational health assessments and advice are likely to be more important in the current situation particularly for those who are providing vital and essential service. At Global Workhealth, we continue to offer Remote Consultations to such employers and employees.

Remote consultations (Virtual Clinic)

We help to improve productivity of your organisation
Working in partnership with you to optimise the Health, Wellbeing and Productivity of your workforce
Here is how we do it:
  • Protect and promote the health and wellbeing of your employees;
  • Prevent work-related illnesses;
  • Reduce sickness absence and managing return to work after illness. 
  • Ensure legal compliance and avoiding litigation;
  • Improve your corporate image.  

We provide the following expert occupational physician services to small and medium-sized employers and businesses.

  • Pre-employment medical screening

  • Fitness for work assessments including assessment following a period of sickness absence, advice on health conditions, their impact on work and prognosis, workplace adjustments, assessment of health conditions affecting work performance etc.

  • Health surveillance required under the health and safety regulations such as hand-arm vibration syndrome

  • Regular medical screenings such as forklift truck driver assessments, safety-critical medicals and food handlers screening

  • Ill health retirement and pensions medicals

  • Occupational Health Need analysis

  • Network occupational physician service


We will work in partnership with you to understand your organisation's occupational health needs and endeavour to provide safe, effective and quality service. We are working towards SEQOHS accreditation. We try to embrace new technology such as paperless record keeping, online referral and appointment systems and electronic signatures to make it easy for our clients and employees to access our services.

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...OR, Contact us here:  01777 854557 | admin@gworkhealth.com