Global Workhealth provides bespoke expert occupational health services to small and medium-sized businesses and employers in Hampshire and the surrounding area. We have experience of more than 18 years of this speciality. 


Our mission is to 'Optimise Workforce Health, Wellbeing and Productivity' of the workforce.


The company was founded in 2010. The service is led by a Consultant Occupational Physician with more than 20 years of diverse experience in the speciality. Quality and innovation are at the heart of our services delivery model. We offer simple and evidence-based occupational health services that can help to improve and optimise your human resources, productivity and capabilities. Our service is led and delivered by a Consultant Occupational Physician with extensive experience of working in diverse public and private sectors.  Our focus is on providing expert, timely, innovative, flexible and quality service to businesses and employers.  Our reports provide clear, simple, precise and actionable recommendations.

We are proud of our ability to build long-term relationships with our clients, take time to understand their needs prior to agreeing on the service framework and most importantly, address their questions promptly after the service is delivered e.g. if a referring manager requires clarification or information after getting our report, we would respond promptly. 

Mode of our service delivery

  • Within Hampshire:

    • Face to face consultations - on-site at the workplace

    • coming soon - a clinic in Southampton

  • Nationwide (including Hampshire)

    • Video consultations via Zoom or Microsoft Teams

    • Telephone consultations if the employee/patient does not want to use a video platform

    • Paper-based review only where appropriate e.g. some ill-health retirement casework where there is no need to have further assessment