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Access to Occupational Physician | Privilege Rates  | OH Handbook for Managers 

With a small annual fee, small and medium-sized businesses can join the membership and access our expert occupational physician, get discounted rates and stay up-to-date with useful information on a range of occupational health topics. The membership includes


  • Access to our expert consultant occupational physician to discuss your Occupational Health needs (health needs assessment), hazards, risks and health surveillance needs, sickness-related trends and interventions etc.

  • 20% discount on occupational health consultations/assessments.

  • Access to our Occupational Health Handbook for Managers (knowledge Portal) which provides up-to-date and useful information on a range of occupational health topics such as supporting employees with disabilities, workplace adjustments for different health conditions, return to work after having a routine surgery etc.

If you want to learn more about it, please contact us.

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