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Remote Consultations 

Remote consultations can enhance access to occupational health services and give employees an opportunity to have either telephone or video consultations with a Consultant Occupational Physician anytime, anywhere. This is particularly important in the current and rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19. The video consultations can be accessed via either a computer (desktop or laptop), iPad or smartphone. 


What are the benefits of using our remote consultation service to the employer?

  • Employees get easy and fast access to appointments at their convenience

  • Early interventions can help to facilitate an early return to work

  • The service allows employees who are self-isolating in line with the current UK Government guidance to access occupational physician consultations from the comfort of their own home

  • cost-effective to both employer and employee

  • reduced missed appointments 

Remote consultations are not suitable for everyone and each case. If you wish to arrange a remote consultation, please send us referral paperwork. We will follow our clinical triage process before offering a remote consultation appointment. 

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