COVID-19 Risk Assessment - Return to Work

Risk assessments are part of the management of risks in the workplace, enabling employers to decide upon reasonable steps to protect their staff. It allows employers to fulfil their legal duty of care to protect their staff from harm, injury or illness. 


During this pandemic, we have been helping employers and businesses to assess individual and workplace risks for COVID-19 which allowed their employees to return or remain at work safely. Now that the UK Government is planning to remove the remaining COVID-19 restrictions including the need to self-isolate, we can help employers and businesses review the risk and introduce mitigating measures and learn to live with COVID similar to other workplace hazards and risks. 


Please contact us to discuss further details. If you wish to refer one of your employees to assess their fitness to return to work or remain at work, please complete a management referral form.

Online Referral form: Management Referral Form