Fitness for Work and Absence Management

Absence Management


As per the scientific evidence, work is good for health hence it is important to facilitate an early return to work after a period of absence and support employees with health conditions to remain at work. There is a common belief that people who have health problems should not return to work until they are fully fit. However, evidence shows that, provided the right adjustments and support is available, managing a health condition at work is often better for the individual than prolonged sickness absence.


Our pro-active approach to sickness absence management seeks to get your employees back to meaningful job activities as soon as is appropriate. We focus on early intervention and executing tried and tested approaches that will help to secure your employees’ health and get them back to work as quickly as possible.  With our clear and actionable reports, you will be able to manage sickness absences effectively and efficiently. A dedicated occupational health physician can also work with you to help manage sickness-related absenteeism in your organisation.


Global Workhealth delivers clinical expertise and tailored advice for all manner of absenteeism concerns including:


  • Repeated short-term absence;

  • Long-term absence;

  • Adjustments in the workplace (i.e. disability or other known, presenting conditions);

  • Planning a return-to-work following sickness or incident; and

  • Concerns over an employee’s fitness (i.e. suspected substance abuse or reduced productivity and engagement at work).


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Fitness to work assessments can assist your company to manage employees with concerns about their capability to work. The fitness for work assessment involves assessment of the employee's physical and mental capabilities, past and present health condition/s, ongoing treatment and work-related risks by an occupational physician (doctor). Sometimes we may also undertake a workplace visit to understand the work activities and environment better. 


Examples of our fitness for work assessments include:

  • Assessment of underlying health condition/s and their impact on fitness for work and work performance

  • Driver or safety-critical medicals 

  • Medical assessment of employees in certain at-risk roles such as working at Height, in Confined Spaces and Night Workers


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Our reports


Our reports will provide clear and actionable advice on the health of the employee, their fitness for work, the need for workplace adjustments and restrictions, legal aspects such as disability under the Equality Act and next steps.

We have a robust quality assurance process to ensure that the advice provided is

  • Simple to understand, without the use of medical jargon;

  • Actionable to allow the line manager and HR to act on it;

  • Clear on the prognosis of recovery and/or return to work;

  • Evidence-based i.e. based on up-to-date evidence and guidelines;

  • Pragmatic and giving clear answers to every management question;

  • Ethical and Proactive.