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Health Surveillance at Work

We are offering a short e-Learning course - “Health Surveillance at Work”.


The course is suitable for healthcare professionals i.e. doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners who are working in occupational health or have an interest in industrial/occupational medicine.

Course Overview


This short e-Learning course is divided into two sections and will provide an overview of


  1. principles, relevant legislation and ethical aspects, design, delivery, reporting and record-keeping of a health surveillance programme at work.

  2. Respiratory, skin, noise and hand-arm vibration syndrome health surveillance.


Course delivery

It is an e-Learning course of one-week duration. Training will be delivered using a combination of online presentation videos, reading material and one virtual workshop on the weekend via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The delegate will be expected to undertake some self-directed learning activities and submit one written assignment on health surveillance so that we can offer feedback and provide a course attendance certificate.

The delegate will need access to a suitable personal computer with a reliable internet connection. Most modern PCs or Apple Mac computers should be suitable.

Course Tutors


The course material is produced by experts in the field. Details of the author/s and your course tutor are included in the training material.

How to apply?

If you are interested in this course and wish to apply or get more information, please complete the application form given at the following link


Application for a Training Course in Occupational Health

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