Education, Training and Webinars in Occupational Health

We deliver a range of e-learning education and training courses and webinars in Occupational Health. The training courses and webinars are written and delivered by experts in the speciality and their details are included in the training material.

Most of our training courses are delivered completely online in the form of interactive seminars and tutorials via the Zoom virtual platform. There will be a number of assessed and non-assessed activities to develop key skills and expand the knowledge base. There are no written exams but depending on the nature and duration of the training course, assessment is based on assignments and other activities such as discussions during seminars and tutorials. 

Currently, we are offering the following training courses and Webinars.​

Certificate Course in Occupational Health

6-months e-learning suitable for health professionals who are interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in Occupational Health and developing their career in this speciality

Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)
Health Surveillance and Case Management

4 weeks e-Learning course suitable for occupational health professionals involved in HAVS assessment

Management of Needlestick/sharps and contamination incidents

4-weeks e-learning course suitable for occupational health professionals working in a healthcare setting